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Saskatraz Breeding Stock Available in 2024

All breeding stock is selected and certified

Saskatraz stock is selected + bred in Saskatchewan for honey production, wintering ability, and resistance to mites and brood diseases

Queen Bee on Frame

Saskatraz Hybrid Queens

Saskatraz hybrid queens are produced at Olivarez Honey Bees Inc. (OHB) in Northern California (Orland) from April 15th to the end of August each year. These Saskatraz hybrid queens will produce pure Canadian Saskatraz drones for breeding use. 

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Summer Sale on NOW!


Saskatraz Hybrid Queen Pricing


  • 1-16 queens - 32.00 USD each

  • 17-32 queens - 30.00 USD each

  • 33-99 queens - 29.00 USD each

  • 100+ queens - 28.00 USD each

Orders of ten queens or less are available for pickup only

Queens are available marked for an additional charge. 

Queen Rearing

Saskatraz Queen Cells

Saskatraz queen cells from selected Saskatraz breeder colonies. Available each starting in May depending on the weather. Available for pickup only.

20 CAD each

Queen Bee on Frame 2

Saskatraz Production Queens

Saskatraz production queens are produced in Saskatchewan at Meadow Ridge Enterprises Ltd. They are available from July to August each year. 

55 CAD each

Bees on Frame

Saskatraz Breeder Queen

Selected Saskatraz breeder colonies are available from overwintered 2023 colonies at the end of May 2024. Breeders are available from the end of June through August. 

Saskatraz Breeder Queen Pricing

  • Saskatraz Outcross Mated Breeder

    • 3-Hole Cage - 300​ CAD

    • 3-Frame Nuc - 500 CAD

  • Saskatraz Close Population Mated Breeder​

    • 3-Hole Cage - 500​ CAD

    • 3-Frame Nuc - 700 CAD


Due to the availability of nuc boxes, we will only have 5-frame nucs available.


Five Frame Nuc Pricing

All sales of Nucs are Pickup Only

  • 1-9 Nucs - 320 CAD

  • 10 + Nucs - 310 CAD

Breeder Colonies in Orland, CA

Five Frame Nucs w/Saskatraz Hybrid Queen

A limited number of five frame nucs with 2024 Saskatraz Hybrid queens are available each year in early June. 

Ordering Information

Please order as far in advance as possible. Three weeks' notice or more is preferred.  

For breeder queen orders please contact 

Albert Robertson -

For all other inquiries please contact

Colton Rutherford -

Click here for more contact info!

Shipping Information

  • Prices do not include shipping costs.

  • Shipping is through Air Canada Cargo, UPS, or Canada Post Priority Mail. 

  • All shipments are UNINSURED and are shipped at the customer's risk. Replacement is at the discretion of Meadow Ridge Enterprises LTD. 

  • Examine the contents of your shipment immediately upon delivery. 

  • Shipped queens should be watered immediately upon receipt and then placed into hives or a queen bank as soon as possible. 

Excellent Brood Frame

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