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Dr. Albert Robertson is a highly accomplished and experienced professional with a diverse range of expertise in various fields. With a B.Sc. in Biology, Chemistry Biology Biochemistry, an M.Sc. in Molecular Genetics, and a Ph.D. in Biology and Molecular Biology, Albert Robertson has published many papers and served on various councils and committees.

Albert Robertson's extensive knowledge and experience extend to potato production, grain production, cattle breeding, beekeeping, honey production, and honey bee breeding and research. He established a private tissue culture laboratory and greenhouse facilities for the production of disease-free potato seed stock and has been a fully qualified select pedigree seed grower since 1991.

In addition to their research and production work, Albert Robertson is also a member of various associations, including the Canadian Seed Growers Association and SeCan. He has produced registered and certified malting barley varieties, pedigree forage and pulse seeds. He has participated in field testing and studies on the effects of plant growth regulators on crop production.

Albert Robertson is also a seasoned beekeeper and honey producer, operating a large commercial honey operation of over 2000 colonies. They have been instrumental in evaluating, testing, and developing new technologies for successful queen-rearing and honeybee breeding programs in Canada, including the internationally recognized Saskatraz breeding program, established in 2004.

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